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Concon is the main character of the hit show, BadgerTv. He is the main leader of a group and is known to have a wife, Ashley. Concon was a sniffles member back in the old days, until he quit because he was getting married. In the time after that, Concon was getting depressed over life because Ashley wouldn't let him have his free time, where he talked to Badger to try and get him back to normal. Although it didn't work, Badger made him go crazier instead. Concon killed some people, one of which was a man he thought was dating Ashley and the other a harmless person. Although Concon didn't get caught, he went home bloodsplattered, leaving Ashley to think he was in a drug business of some sort, but he told her he did it to himself and started going crazy, he pulled a knife to her but she opened a drawer and pulled out a gun and shot, thinking he would have died, but instead he got sent to the year 1982. Concon awoke thinking he was running for president, but he found a man who claimed to be his brother and falled for his tricks. The man killed three people and got Concon to believe they can't trust anyone. Concon started killing people himself afterwards, Doc tried to kill the president and supposedly did so, but the caves blew up and the president most likely escaped through a back exit. Concon went outside of the cave to survive and got attacked by Orange, Willy saved him and they took Orange hostage, where they beat him to his supposed death, but instead Concon got a pulse and they rushed out, blowing it up, which Orange most likely either escaped from or duck and covered from.?

As Concon and Willy ran down the road, they hit Badger. Badger flew into the road and Willy didn't trust him. (S2E2)

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