Plot== A man floats ashore in a green shirt and orange pants.

Aboard land, a book says 'it all started in 1982' making the government wonder...

A new time period has opened now, Concon wakes up not even remembering his own name, but he has to fight with what he has in order to survive by the way these guys fight.

He meets R.V., Jr, and Ronald along the way when he tries to wake R.V. up and ask him where he is, but just before they help him he mentions he was going for president is all he remembers. R.V. tells him the worlds over, and that they have to forget that stuff, in which Concon says its only 1767, when the real date is 1982. Jr and Ronald begin to understand that this guy is nuts, but before their story gets explained, a man yells Concon and this stranger (AKA Concon) turns around to the response.


Willy was the first man to appear in the show.

Doc was the last face to see in this episode.

R.V. had a sign on him that said, 'to jail' and Badger has talked about how things will catch up in season 3.

Badger has said, this is just the beginning, by the end of season 2 you won't know what hit you.

Jr and Ronald have mentioned that they are even lucky enough to have calenders, but it dosen't explain what they mean.

Concon isn't the main character in this show, Badger has said Willy is even more of a focus than Concon.

The second episode wouldn't upload so Badger just put them all in one video which wasn't even 8 minutes.

Concon is real.