The episode begins with Concon getting a haircut and talking to the barber about his 'dead' brother and he ends up killing the barber and walks out, telling him his half brother's rules.

2 hours ago:

As Concon gets in a war with kids, Doc wounds yet hides the man (AKA president!)

Concon kills every last of the kids, meanwhile Doc is loading up the hostage driven president to a place where he planes to kill him.

Concon goes to a local resturant and looks in a broken mirror, he sees his face.


In this episode, it is revealed that Doc killed The president's secretary.

Concon has a gun, the exact gun Doc gave to him in the episode "Time is running out"

The kids that Concon got in a war with may have something to do with why he was sent to the year 1982.

In the next episode, Concon has a haircut, which was shown in a flashforward in this episode.

When the kids are talking to Concon they keep mentioning he needs a haircut, which may be why he gets one, but it could also be because he gets blood all over his face and some of his hair.

In this episode, Doc is shown to have a truck.

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