Begins with Concon realizing that Doc is his step brother, only for their long lost brother moment to end when Doc kills the three from the previous episode, and he then tells Concon his rule, where you don't trust ANYONE.

Concon agrees and the two begin to go off to what is SUPPOSED to be home.

Concon gets a tour and asks about a closet, only for Doc to explain it's his room. The screen cuts, Doc asks Concon to go out and get groceries and a man is in the closet with blood and ducktape over him, keeping him quiet.


Badger has noted the episode is called, "Time is running out" because of what Concon begins to face, fear, confusion, and bad. He also noted it stands for the main question of the first three episodes, "how long will he live?"

Badger has said this is one of the shortest episodes.

The first people to show blood on the show are R.V. and Jr.

Badger has talked about this epsiode as more of a pilot then the original, for the first episode was just setting up the story and making a mistory you wouldn't believe.

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