The episode begins with a flashback where the president is getting ready for a speech and a man comes in and threatens him to do whatever it takes to ruin the world or he will get kidnapped, the president asks the man two questions. 1. If they can ever be partners? 2. Who are you? The man says he is Orange but he can't be partners with him.

Present day

The president is getting dragged throught tunnels by Doc.

Doc uses a lamp and board with rope to drag and see where he is going.

Concon comes in and finds Doc taking the president.

Meanwhile the president escapes the piece of wood he was being dragged on, luckily Doc sees him and gets in a quick hussle with him, slitting his throat. The oresident falls, dead.

Concon and Doc meet face to face.

Concon lifts a knife to Doc, the only thing he says is don't trust anyone, brother.


The name of this episode is based on where it takes place, the tunnels.

It looks like Doc and the president are enemies, but when Orange says he has a partner it is Doc, could this mean it was an act? Especially since The president returns in season 3 much more known as King.

Concon has blood all over his face, which they use to compare to him and Doc.

This is the last episode we see The President (aka King) in until Speak of the devil, the season 3 premiere.

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